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Complete Market environment economy society religion politics Economic models like the Neoliberalism know only one side of the market, that is the side where private companies realize profits. However there is also another side, the side of common goods like nature, as we all need it for our live, as retreat or to be encouraged and to simply feel happy.
Sea Level Rise environment Should we ever let the polar ice shields melt down that would result in a sea level rise of up to 74 meters. However this is far not the most nasty effect of global warming.
Plastic Synthetics, Environment and Health environment The annual worldwide plastic productions amounts to 370.000.000 tons – with conspicious effects: Life in the oceans suffocates from plastic litter while people are facing harm by higher and higher amounts of poisonous plastic ingrediants.
Everything is one. Except the 0 - Dr. Waus Chaos Computer Film society The events in the early days of the Chaos Computer Club told around their founder Wau Holland; hacker ethics, current contemporary statement.
The Primeval Times Code environment The ecological alternative to genetic engineering.
ISDS: When Companies Sue the State politics Read about some precedent cases for Investor-state dispute resolutions and how they affect the international treaties TTIP and CETA.
Thordarson admitted having produced fraudulent key accusations against Julian Assange politics society Thordarson has admitted having cooperated with the FBI to produce wrong key evidence against Wikileaks and J. Assange facing extradition to the USA.
Hydrogen Mobility politics environment Hydrogen powered cars and alternative energy in Nothern Africa: we will need both no matter whether we have battery electric vehicles.
Expensive Tortuous Paths in Climate Protection: Agrofuel and Counterproductive Water Power Projects environment The climate balance of agrofuels is negative; and even the climate balance of certain waterpower projects; however the loss in biodiversity caused by these projects is at least as bad as the climate balance; apart from the negative influence on food production.
Luxembourg Leaks politics Whistleblower Antoine Deltour and a journalist have brought to the public that many multinationals pay as little as 1% tax or less.
Poison in Fish from Aquacultures health Ethoxyquin is a flame resistant but can be found in all of the fish food for aquacultures.
Correspondence with the Jehovah's Witnesses religion politics Things that are generally interesting and things that are actual
about the war in Syria politics The beginnings of the war before the Islamic State came
The fairy tales of the nuclear lobby environment What the nuclear lobby is telling us and what we should not believe. About the Nuclear Disasters of Fukushima and Tschernobyl
about the NSA spy program PRISM society Who the real terrorists are; with interesting links also about the technical side of surveillance.
The Origins of the Corona Virus society in short: study of professor Roland Wiesendanger about the origins of the corona virus
about Flight Nr MH370 entertainment There are many myth about the disappearance of flight MH370; it remains a miracle.
Chemtrails environment Discussion at a meeting of the UNO: original download from the website of the UNO including the original download links.
about the finance crises in Iceland economy Read why Iceland had recovered much sooner from the economic crises from 2008 though it had been hit harder than other European countries.
What do you believe in - God or Nature? religion How can the belief in nature, in god or the formal definability of our world be explained? What connections are there? An article based on knowledge obtained by own mystic experiences of the author - what holds together our world in its innermost.
Talk about Buddhism religion A chat/dialogue that did take place in deed. It should be interesting for anyone who really cares about this religion and for anyone interested in religion critics.
Film Review - Samsara entertainment religion The film considers itself as critics of the modern age. An insightful film critics.
Cradle to Cradle environment 100% recycleable, 100% free of poisounous substances
The Fight around society What is going on behind the scenes: From 'advertising agencies' up to an attack against fundamental rights.
Huge Catfish in lake Ossiach (2013-08-08); entertainment
Visit from Nature. entertainment Have a look who had entered our house.
TTIP - The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Treaty economy According to a working paper of the Tufts University the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership would foster European Disintegration, Unemployment and Instability.
about the BREXIT politics Why the BREXIT came, what it will do and what it already does: about immigration, the pound, the finance industry and climate protection.
Greece, the Euro and the Debt Disaster politics How we will all need to bleed white for big capital.
The Cartel between Energy Producers and Power Grid Providers environment economy How electricity suppliers trouser high yields at the expense of consumers. -
and how they block the expansion of alternative energy.
The FPÖ as Homeland Party politics The FPÖ (Austrian right-wing party) understands to position itself as a homeland party. However this stands in contradiction with the neoliberal agenda of the party. You may also be interested in this article if you want to know something about right wing politics in the European Union or globally.
Questions to the ÖVP on Trade and Tax Policy politics The ÖVP (Austrian branch of the EVP) knows how to set certain course when it comes to trade and tax policy but their overall concept does not convince us.
Fridays for Future in Klagenfurt, Villach society news environment On 2019-03-15 and 2019-09-27 at the manifestations of Fridays for Future we were in Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee, Carinthia, Austria, on 2019-09-20 in Villach, Carinthia.
ALDE -Europe´s Liberal Fraction politics Responses to our question about ALDE´s visions for a new Europe
The Public Eye Lifetime Award society In 2014 the worst behaving company has been voted
Love & Christianity religion The truth. There are only a few truely loving people.
Keep the Rio Tapajós Alive! society The unique nature paradise at Rio Tapajós as well as the whole of Amazonia shall be destroyed by huge water power projects ….
The Assassination of Berta Cáceres society A sad day for the environment: “The army has an assassination list of 18 wanted human rights fighters with my name at the top” (links in English or Spanish)
once again: Leader of the Guarani Assassinated society Read about the tribe of the Guarani people in Brazil who suffer since being evicted from their land
Devastating Oil Spill in the Peruvian Amazon news In January 2016 thousands of barrels of oil have been spilled by three leaks in the Peruvian Amazon
Teorema society religion entertainment a modern portuguese short story by Herberto Helder
Photos Bibione 2020 entertainment sportful pictures from Bibione at the Adriatic Sea
Photos Burano, Murano, Venice entertainment Burano, Murano, Venice 2020: ideal for photgraphy because this year only few people are visiting the sites
Photos Caorle 2021 entertainment pictures from Caorle, nice to view
Fridays for Future for the Amazon, Villach entertainment summer holidays: though only a few did come a lot was going on!
Flight MH17 and the Conflict in the Eastern Ukraine politics The USA, Europe and Russia had already been at the verge of war …
European Fund for Strategic Investments politics Release of the European Investment Fund in 2013.