CC: CCC (i.e. Carbon Copy to the Chaos Computer Club)

The hackers from the Chaos Computer Club stand for freedom of information, as also for uninfringed, unhindered communication and they say to respect your private matters. When they hacked into some scientifically used computers of a state level agency, the NASA (film: ~36:25), as said, they themselves informed the authorities.

Their vindication was that the computers had not been secured reasonably against foreign people who tried to get into the system. I remember from my childhood time that my neighbours told me: “Don´t wait outside! Come in. Our door isn´t locked.” The weather was good outside, I preferred to stay there and maybe I would also not have felt exactly comfortable doing so as I didn´t know yet being welcome with it.

»They come and lock up arbitrary people, here.« The hackers were sent to prison in France as they told in the film shortly. They were locked together. We had a blank wire and a fork connected to the electrical current to boil some water for a tea. They wanted to swap the disk content of two computers at the NASA, as they told in the film, though it isn´t known whether they have done anything to put that into practice.

Before this, one of them had cooked coffee for the officers when they appeared at their home after the intrusion. Another hacker of the CCC was less lax: He let the officials line up and controlled their identification card. One of them had an outdated card and he told him to line up again at the back of the queue. Afterwards in a TV-interview: “Actually they should hire you, when you show them the wholes in your net.“ Wau Holland responded: “I haven´t received an offer. Others have but to my knowledge they have not accepted the offer.“

The author: When state level secret services repeatedly cracked my computer in the years after 2008 and 2011, started to terrorize me, I decided to simply burn the disk images of my Linux installation onto blue ray, including my home directory (containing everything from emails to some allegedly private data). I don´t think I did care much to crop personal data, because as I started to archive, I primarily did so for my own.

Later on I decided to send the full disk images on blue ray to the Chaos Computer Club a.o., which I didn´t know about that extensively that time. They should have the possibility to analyse the cracked systems including the malware on there. “It´s so lonely in heaven, so bad.” - The first time when I could prove that the computer I had used in South America was cracked, I had installed the same packages of the same version on a mirror image one-to-one and compared vital system files. Later on I developed a tool for that called debcheckroot.